May 17, 2005

Books in a Blender

by peterb
Tonight, we began playing with book titles, rewritten to include references to food. Or videogames. Or both. We very quickly settled in to a groove. Here are the results.
    93. The God of Small Things That Taste Like Chicken. [peterb]

    92. The God of Stupid Console Savepoint Systems [psu]

    91. Love in the Time of Super-sizing [peterb]

    90. One Hundred Years of Solitaire [peterb]

    89. The Moor's Large Fry [agroce]

    88. Haroun and the Sea of Splinter Cell [magus]

    87. If On a Winter's Night a Deep-Fryer [peterb]

    86. The Decline of the Civilization [fpereira]

    85. Perdido Street Savepoint [magus]

    84. Waiting for the Barbarians to Cook my Chicken [agroce]

    83. The City of Cod [fpereira]

    82. Pilgrim's Pancakes [magus]

    81. The Book of the Long Island Iced Tea [agroce]

    80. The Two Tacos [magus]

    79. You Shall Know Our Cholesterol [peterb]

    78. A Tale of Two Fritters [agroce]

    77. Goodbye To All Fat [peterb]

    76. To Saute A Mockingbird [magus]

    75. For Whom the Taco Bell Tolls [magus]

    74. A Clockwork Orange Julius [magus]

    73. The Malted Falcon [magus]

    72. Julia Childs and the Goblet of Wine [peterb]

    71. Atlas Lunched [magus]

    70. Imperial Chicken Earth [baird]

    69. The Island of the Meal Before [peterb]

    68. Slaughterhouse Fries [magus]

    67. Name of the Rose Tea Cafe [peterb]

    66. A Passage to India Garden [magus]

    65. The Unbearable Lightness of Souffle [sdavis]

    64. As I Lay Frying [magus]

    63. The Remains of the Snack [peterb]

    62. To Serve Man [agroce]

    61. Love in the Time of the Coleslaw [fpereira]

    60. Finnegan's Clambake [magus]

    59. Pride and Bread and Juice. [baird]

    58. The Postman Always Brings Rice [magus]

    57. Lord of the Fries [fpereira]

    56. The Buns of August [magus]

    55. Remembrance of Wings Past [fpereira]

    54. In My Father's Torte [fpereira]

    53. Do Androids Dream of Eclectic Sweets? [sdavis]

    52. Romaine and Julian Fries. [baird]

    51. Oryx and Cake [magus]

    50. Jerky Park [fpereira]

    49. For Whom The Boule Tolls [sdavis]

    48. The Archipelago of Goulash [fpereira]

    47. Mansfield Pork [agroce]

    46. The Mixer and Margarita [fpereira]

    45. Sandwich Personae [magus]

    44. Six Easy Peaches [magus]

    43. Tao Te Chicken [sdavis]

    42. Zen and the Art of Bakery [peterb]

    41. The Elements of Stirfry [magus]

    40. Twelve Hungry Men [sdavis]

    39. Fast Food Nation [tmwong]

    38. The Story of the O [tmwong]

    37. The Da Vinci Coke [magus]

    36. The Fridge [fpereira]

    35. The Da Vinci Cod [fpereira]

    34. Live and Let Fry [peterb]

    33. From Russia With Borscht [peterb]

    32. License to Grill. [tmwong]

    31. Life of Pie [magus]

    30. The Pizzan Cantos [agroce]

    29. In Search of Ancient Anchovies. [baird]

    28. The Reuben on the Rye [magus]

    27. R Is For Ratatouille [magus]

    26. A Candycane for Leibowitz [magus]

    25. The Latke of Heaven [magus]

    24. More Than Hunan. [baird]

    23. Free Liver Free [agroce]

    22. They Eat Horses, Don't They? [peterb]

    21. The Adventures of Sharkleberry Fin [magus]

    20. Starship Tapas [magus]

    19. Planet of the Grapes [jch]

    18. The First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Sous-Chef [magus]

    17. Rendezvous with Ramen [agroce]

    16. The Bostonian Creams. [baird]

    15. The Book of the New Dumpling House [magus]

    14. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad "Chicago-Style" Pizza [peterb]

    13. Green Eggs and Ham on Rye [magus]

    12. Alice in Wonderbread. [baird]

    11. The Bread Zone [magus]

    10. Harry Potter and the Half-Caf Latte [magus]

    9. The Lunchback of PF Changs. [baird]

    8. The Sandwich of Monte Cristo [peterb]

    7. The Three Musketeers Bar [peterb]

    6. The English Pot Roast [magus]

    5. The Polar Espresso [magus]

    4. Oliver Twist Bread. [baird]

    3. Cryptoyumicon [peterb]

    2. Burgers of Infinity [magus]

    1. A Civil Canape [magus]

Posted by peterb at May 17, 2005 12:09 AM | Bookmark This

This is hard to resist:

Shadow of the Torta
A Gizard of Earthsea
Picklelas Pickleby
Gravity's Rainbow Sherbet
Fight Club Sandwich
The Magic Mountain Oysters
Lonesome Dove Bisteeya
The Firm Custard
A Clash of King Cakes
The Return of The King Crab
Go Down Molasses
A Confederacy of Lunches
The Bun Also Rises
Look Homeward Angelhair
To The Chophouse
The Phenomenology of Spirits
A Sprinkle of Thyme
The Way We Eat Now
Sometimes a Great Noshin'

And more and more...somebody stop me.

Posted by Xiane at May 17, 2005 01:36 AM

"A Brief History Of Thyme"

Posted by darmis at May 19, 2005 07:32 AM

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